Vintage Cars Match

Vintage Cars Match

Vintage Cars Match is a simple puzzle game featuring 54 vintage cars cards that you have to link-match in several rounds. This vintage cars game can be played on all modern android mobile phones and is ideal for short time play while commuting, queuing, or just killing time.

The first round in Vintage Cars Match is 150 seconds and each round after is 10 seconds less.

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How to play Vintage Cars Match:
– Tap the app icon to start the game.
– Find and tap on the same vintage car cards which you can link together.
– Clear all cards in the given time.
– Use up to 3 times the “Find” button to find link matches.
– Use up to 3 times the “Refresh” button to mix the cards.
– Continue to the next round or replay the same round.

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Vintage Cars Match is a fun and addictive game that gets harder each round. If you like this game, tell others about it and rate/review it on Google Play!

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